Why launch a new home product teaser campaign?

Why launch a new home product verses just adding it to your current offering, and what’s the difference? Adding a product is to simply slip it in with all of your existing collections and hope it will get noticed.  Launching a new home product is to create a campaign that will generate buzz surrounding the addition of the new home design(s). It will have more fanfare and create greater interest that will convert to quicker sales. Here are a few ideas to get you moving down the right path:

  1. Plan Your New Home Product Launch

When creating a new home product launch campaign, the first thing to do is to be clear on the actual timing of when the product will be ready. This is critical to avoid either starting your campaign too early and dragging it out for a long time, or starting it too late and not having enough time to properly build up your marketing.

  1. Think of Your Unique Selling Proposition

Decide what the unique selling proposition of your product is and how you’re going to theme it. What are the specific benefits of your product for your customers? It’s important to note though that it isn’t why you think the product is so great, but why your customers think it’s great. Your unique proposition, once you have it down, will serve as the backbone of your launch campaign.

  1. Build Curiosity

At the end of the day, your goal is for your customers to be eagerly anticipating your new home product launch. Before you can have that though, you need to pique their curiosity.  What messages will stimulate their curiosity? And through which social media or online platforms will you use to convey the messages? You need to start by looking at the social media channels where your fans are the most responsive. As you start posting on social media, make these different from the regular posts so that your fans will know something is going on, and give the product launch a catchy name. A good way to take that name to the next level is to start a hashtag campaign around it.

At the same time that you’re generating attention on social media, you should also create email, digital display and retargeting campaigns promoting it and leading visitors to your website. Here is where you can track traffic generated by the campaign to determine its success.

  1. Unveil Your Product

As curiosity rises and your hashtag campaign is catching on, it is time to unveil your new home product. You don’t want to wait too long and lose the momentum, but you also don’t want to reveal it too soon and lose the anticipation. So when you think the time is right, go for it!

You can reveal your product with a video, in an email with good quality pictures, or on social media (or do all three), but whatever you do, make it dramatic! After all, you’ve been building up the anticipation, so you want the revelation to be satisfying. Need more information? Contact the team at Anderson Marketing Solutions.

*Contributing Editor, Zack Fagan


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