Strategy & Planning

Strategy & Planning

  • Consumer Research that focuses on Real Estate and New Construction Projects
  • Project and Plan Description provides Community Builders with detailed segmentation criteria
  • Strategic Marketing Communication Plans for Builders, Developers and real estate related businesses
Branding & Positioning

Branding & Positioning

  • Vision Documents that demonstrate the character of your Master Planned Community
  • Value Proposition Statements and Tag Lines to strengthen your company brand
  • Storytelling for your Real Estate Branding, Homebuilding Branding and Community Marketing programs
  • Creative agency that captures your real estate brand with unique graphic design
  • Programming Development creates the who, what and why of Community Development
  • Landing Page, Website & App Development showcases and differentiates your homebuilding or non-profit company in real time
  • Video Production provides an easy way to tell your builder or developer’s story or highlight your new homes and services
Construction Resource Group App
Awareness & Lead Generation

Awareness & Lead Generation

  • CRM Management to capture leads and customer follow-up programs for builders
  • Email Campaigns and communication tactics to keep your buyers and prospects in the loop
  • Print & Digital Advertising to promote your business and homebuilding communities
  • Paid & Organic Search Optimization for customers to easily find your business
  • Social Media objectives to reach your audience with both organic and paid tactics
Environmental Design

Environmental Design

  • Homebuilding Community & Real Estate Signage for infill neighborhoods and master planned communities
  • Homebuilder and Developer Sales Office Layout Design & Implementation
  • Digital Interactive Sales tools for Builders, Developers, Land planners and Real Estate Professionals
  • Creative Design & Fabrication of Sales Displays to tell your brand story
Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing

  • Branded brochures, Real Estate Flyers, and other Collateral & printed Sales Materials
  • Homebuilder Event Planning & Promotional Elements to Create Awareness for your event
  • Real Estate Broker Relationships & Co-op Marketing Programs for Master planned Communities
  • Customer Retention & Referral Programs for your Real Estate Company.
Relationship Marketing

Marketing Management

  • One stop fulfillment for your Branded Materials from start to finish
  • Consulting Services and Management of Strategic and Tactical Marketing efforts
  • Can serve as a Builder Representative where there is no in-house marketing team for your real estate company
Marketing training session
Training & Education

Training & Education

  • Marketing & Sales Training to increase knowledge and motivation for your real estate teams
  • Webinars & Video Training serves as a virtual option for your Builder sales and marketing teams
  • Accredited National Association Homebuilding Courses for individuals interested in gaining more real estate knowledge


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