When is the right time to start marketing a new housing community?

We get asked this question a lot, and while you would think the answer would be crystal clear…it really varies. Is this a desirable suburban or infill location? Or is it an area that has suffered through the downturn with multiple builders promoting the promise of a new neighborhood that never came to fruition?

There’s an argument that can be made to get the sign up right away to generate an interest list before the homes are started, but if you choose this approach you need to be ready. Meaning that you need your website up and some information about the community or products available for prospective buyers. If you choose this approach, make sure you also communicate with customers regarding the construction progress. There’s nothing more frustrating to buyers than the feeling of being strung along for months without any communication or not seeing any construction activity on the project.

Every neighborhood is unique and that’s why the strategy for every community is different. If you need help determining what’s best for your community, contact




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