What marketing trends should you really consider in 2018?

Now that we’ve lived through the first month of 2018, what marketing trends might make a difference for you this year? Here are four major trends that businesses are truly focused on this year:

Dissecting the customer experience – The customer service industry will experience the biggest digital shift yet in 2018 as customer experience (CX) brand leaders seek to expand channels, leverage analytics, and adopt automation. CX pioneers should prepare for a surge in technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), digital self-service, and Virtual Reality.

Content and influencer networks. Content marketing has been a top strategy for a long time, but we’re running into a problem: oversaturation. We’ll see more brands capitalizing on influencers who have already built an audience and a reputation. These influencer networks will be less expensive to manage, reduce the volume of content being produced, and can give more online visibility.

Say goodbye to free reach on social media – For years, companies’ organic reach on Facebook (the percentage of their followers who see company updates that aren’t “boosted” with ad money) has been dwindling, dipping as low as 2%. Now it seems Facebook may finally lose organic reach on the News Feed entirely and other social sites will follow. The good news is there are affordable options available right now.

Keep video content going – It doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that video is the future, not just with social media, but across the entire internet. Live and recorded video and video ads increasingly dominate our feeds across most social media sites. Nearly half of businesses are already implementing social videos, with another 26% planning to implement in 2018.

There are other trends to consider, but these are a great start. Want to be part of the latest marketing trends? Click here and let’s talk strategy!


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