Lost Creek Farm, the newest community branded by Anderson Marketing Solutions

We are thrilled to launch our latest community for McStain Neighborhoods Find your way back to Lost Creek Farm, and experience the best of everything for you — from location and value, to style, amenities and more in Erie, CO!

This neighborhood is one of our most exciting community branding projects to date! Since the beginning, AMS was involved to help create the vision and theme. From there we created a series of digital components and marketing tactics to create interest and generate traffic. Here are some of the initiatives that have been executed by our team:

  • A fresh brand that includes positioning and storytelling, logos and other graphics that depicts the unique sense of community throughout the project.
  • Digital components that include 3-D tours, a microsite website and interactive site map.
  • Banner advertising through Chanel Marketing and Re-targeting efforts that engage the Builder’s target audience.
  • Email campaigns that encouraged interested parties to be part of this unique experience. 
  • Collateral and Project Sign Designs, as well as much more!

See for yourself what’s different about Lost Creek Farm. If you’re ready to start a unique brand for your next community, give us a call at 303-437-4627 or drop us a line. We would love to help you with your next project!



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