3 steps to creating award-winning brand continuity

Have you seen the latest buzz about the awards Anderson Marketing Solutions had won at the 2017 MAME Awards? We were excited to walk away with three awards that focused on brand continuity for a community and corporate identity of a builder. How did we do it you ask? There were 3 main steps that helped pull it all together:

  • Create a brand theme that is made up of specific colors, fonts, imagery and copy that tells your story and conveys your vision. Consider how this may be integrated with existing brand elements to appeal to your target audience.
  • Design consistent graphical elements that can be used across all marketing mediums and platforms. This includes your website, social media, digital advertising, etc. If you have an on-site presence (i.e. community or retail building), all signage, displays and collateral must adhere to this philosophy as well.
  • Craft engaging messaging that represents your unique selling proposition. This is where you can really create an identity and memory point for your customers!

Once these steps have been accomplished, remember to consistently retarget your audience with messages to create ongoing awareness. Want to learn more? Contact our team to create award-winning brand continuity for your next project!


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